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Businesses in DC are hurting...

but we can help.

Because of COVID19, foot traffic to businesses that depend on it is collapsing.

They need cash flow so that they can pay their employees, pay leases, and just get through this.

To help, we’re crowdsourcing this list of businesses in the DC area that offer gift cards, gift certificates, or some other way to pay ahead.

You give these businesses money they need up front, and you’ll get to enjoy the goods and services once everything is un-quarantined.

This project started as a spreadsheet, but the enormous response (over 200 businesses added) from the DC community required something more functional and so, this site was created.

How you can help          

1.    Purchase gift cards, certificates, online goods, etc. from these businesses  

2.  Add a business that offers a way to pay ahead

3.  Share this list. The easiest possible way is to retweet this link, but you can also copy the link in the URL and share it on other social media, or send it to blogs, etc.

4.  Join the email list. In the coming weeks and months, more businesses will need our support, and I hope to find new and better ways to support them. Having an email list of supporters will help us help these businesses.

The more people this reaches, the more people it helps.



P.S. Got questions, suggestions, or corrections for this site?

Fill out the form below or email brian@dctechpeople.com.

If you are a business that would like to figure out a way to offer some way for people to pay ahead, please email me and I’ll try to help you figure out a solution.

Who's behind this site?

I'm Brian, founder of District Flight Deals and DC Tech People.

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